Earl T. Barr

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at UCL
Ph.D. (2009) Computer Science
University of California, Davis

At UCL, I am a member of the System Software Engineering Group and the Centre for Research on Evolution, Search and Testing (CREST), which builds on and integrates program analysis, information theory, and optimisation.

During my studies at UCD, I was a member of the DECAL research group.


First Supervisor (Advisor)
Zheng Gao
Alex Marginean (co-first with Mark Harman)
Second Supervisor (co-Advisor)
Saheed Busari (Emmanuel Letier is first supervisor)
Robert Bruce (Mark Harman is first supervisor)


I have been fortunate to work with and learn from the following researchers, whom I list by institution in alphabetical order.

At the University of Calfornia, Davis: J. Fritz Barnes, Matt Bishop, Dimitri DeFigueiredo, Prem Devanbu, Vladimir Filkov, Zhongxian Gu, David J. Hamilton, Michael Haungs, Scott Malabarba, Andre Nash, Raju Pandey (my advisor), Zhendong Su, S. Felix Wu, and Daniel Zinn.

At Microsoft Research: Chris Bird.

At the University of New Mexico: Jed Crandall.

At the Naval Postgraduate School: Mark Gondree.

At the University of Victoria, BC, Canada: Peter C. Rigby and Daniel German.

At the University of Alberta, Abram Hindle.